Moving customers to LotusPay

Conveying the benefits of NACH Debit to your existing and potential customers will help you to move forward with LotusPay

Here's some of the benefits that customers can enjoy by paying through NACH Debit - feel free to incorporate them into your messaging.

Save time

It only takes a minute or so for customers to authorise their NACH Debit through LotusPay and, once done, doesn't require any further input from them.

For customers, this means:

  • No more having to remember when payment is due
  • No more trips to the bank to set up or amend standing orders
  • Wasting time logging into online banking to make payments or writing cheques can be a thing of the past

Avoid late payments

With NACH Debit, customers will be charged the correct amount on the agreed date (according to the parameters you've set).

Not only does this mean you'll be paid on time, it also ensures your customers don't incur any late payment charges or disruption to their service. It's a win-win!

Security and protection

Sensitive customer information collected during the LotusPay online authorisation process is encrypted at source and protected within secure firewalls to ensure their security.

In addition, all the payment system is regulated by NPCI and RBI. This gives customers complete cover for payments made in error or taken fraudulently, making NACH Debit by far the safest payment method for consumers to use.

Save money

Using NACH Debit brings plenty of time, admin and cost savings to your business. Passing these savings on to the customer, by means of incentives and discounts, can be another way to make it an even more attractive proposition to your end user.

Moreover, NACH Debit gives you the option of splitting high value purchases into affordable monthly payments. For customers, being able to spread the cost over multiple months helps them keep control over their finances and significantly reduces the likelihood of incurring bank charges for overstepping overdraft limits.