Authorising an eMandate

You can authorise an eMandate using your netbanking login or your debit card and PIN.

When your merchant asks you to authorise an eMandate, you will go through several screens. Here's a quick video:

Here's what you need to do.

Step 1. On the electronic mandate ('eMandate') authorisation page (either on your merchant's website or on LotusPay), you can check the mandate details and proceed with authorising it. Read the NACH Debit consent and check your mandate details, then click Continue.


Step 2. You will be redirected to the NPCI website. If your merchant has pre-selected your bank and authorisation method, you can simply click Continue. Else you can select Net Banking or Debit Card, then select your bank from the list and click continue.

Screenshot (346)

You will be redirected to your bank's website. This stage varies depending on your bank's process. Some banks will do the next two steps in reverse order.

Step 3. Review the mandate details and click on the button to proceed.


Step 4. Log into your internet banking or enter your debit card and PIN (depending on the option you selected earlier).


Step 5. You will need to enter an OTP that you receive via SMS to the mobile number registered with your bank. Some banks may also ask your permission to do a one Rupee transaction to authorise the mandate.


You will be redirected back to NPCI, back to LotusPay, and then back to your merchant's website.


That's it - all done!

Troubleshooting tips

In rare cases, you may have trouble completing the above steps. Not to worry! You can always try again using the same link that you started the process from.

SMS not received

If you did not receive the SMS within three minutes, there could be a few reasons:

  • Issue: The SMS went to a different mobile number than what you were expecting. Solution: That must be the mobile number registered with your bank. Go ahead and use the OTP.
  • Issue: There is a delay in the system. Solution: Wait some time and try again later.

Error message on NPCI website or bank website

If you're seeing an error message on the NPCI page:

  • Issue: You entered an invalid bank account number. Solution: Double check the bank account number that you entered matches the netbanking login or debit card that you are using for mandate authorisation.
  • Issue: There is a system error. Solution: Wait some time and try again later.