Add customers

You can pre-fill your customer's details and ask them to simply authorise the ready NACH Debit mandate.

When adding a new customer, you are sending a request for an NACH Debit authorisation.

You can do this from the dashboard by pre-filling the customer's details if you already have them or if the customer is with you.

  1. Click Customers in the left menu bar within your dashboard.
  2. Click Add customer in the top right of the page.
  3. Select the variant, either Physical mandate or eMandate. You can only create the variants for which you are enabled.
    1. Fill in the customer's details, bank account details and mandate details, and click Create. If you intend to create a subscription later, be sure to enter valid mandate details to support the subscription (see the article 'Create a subscription').
  4. The pending mandate is created, and you will be redirected to the mandate page. If you included an email address for the customer, they will be sent an invitation from you. For eMandates, the invitation includes an authorisation link. For physical mandates, the email invitation includes a pre-filled PDF attachment.

If you want to schedule payments automatically, you can create a subscription on the mandate. Go to the Create Subscription article for next steps.