View a customer

View detailed information about your customers and their bank accounts, mandates, subscriptions and payments.

  1. Click on the Customers tab in the left menu bar to open your Customers page. Customers can be filtered by their status - Active, Inactive, or Pending.
  2. Click on a customer's ID to view more information specific to them. On a customer’s page, you can view: (a) Their status (active means they have at least one active mandate), date they were added, email address, mobile number and identifier (such as a PAN number); (b) The bank account(s) they are using to pay you, (c) Any subscriptions you have set them up on, (d) Any mandates that they have, (e) details of their payment history.
  3. Clicking on the customer's bank account number will show more details, along with the status of their NACH Debit mandate(s).

You can view more information about customer mandate(s) by clicking on their mandate ID.