LotusPay mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

Integrate the LotusPay mobile SDKs in your Android or iOS mobile app to offer a seamless checkout-style experience for the customer authorising a mandate.

The LotusPay mobile software development kits for Android and iOS help you to integrate LotusPay into your mobile application. The SDKs enable you to pass your customer into the LotusPay webview where they can complete the sign up process. This is true for both plan links and subscription/mandate links.

Because the customer's interaction is happening within the LotusPay webview, no sensitive customer details will ever touch the mobile client or your server. The customer's experience will be exactly as if they are visiting a plan form or subscription/mandate authorisation link in a mobile browser. Of course, all the content is fully responsive.

The SDK allows the mobile client to pass the customer into the LotusPay webview with a unique identifier, and at the end of the authorisation process, LotusPay will pass the customer back to the mobile client with the same unique identifier.

You can integrate the LotusPay API and benefit from LotusPay webhooks to manage all your server-side subscription/mandate processes.

The LotusPay SDKs are hosted so that you can benefit from single-line integrations, with minimal effort.

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