Test accounts

Developers and other team members can test LotusPay by signing up for a test (sandbox) account and using it to create test mandates and payments.

The LotusPay sandbox environment enables you to test the full platform without real mandates being created or real payments being submitted to the banking system for processing.

You can use sandbox accounts to build your integration and test the LotusPay API, dashboard or bulk file approaches.

Sandbox accounts are entirely separate from live accounts.


Note the following URLs when using the dashboard and API:


Emails generated in the sandbox environment have [TEST] prefixed in the subject line. Emails generated in the production environment do not have any such prefix.


The Sandbox environment has simulation features that enable you to test out various scenarios. Click here for more information. eMandate authorisation does not redirect to the customer's bank, rather it redirects to a simulation page within LotusPay.