Payment creation options

LotusPay offers multiple ways to create payments. You can select the option that suits your particular needs.

After you've reviewed mandate creation options, you'll need to consider the transaction process.

Question. Do you need to receive direct credit of your funds?

  • Answer: Yes. Recommendation: Create ACH debits. *** Requires a Pro account ***
  • Answer: No. Recommendation: Create payments. LotusPay will receive your funds and forward them to you.

Question. Do you want to create ad hoc transactions, or do you want to automate transactions according to a schedule?

  • Answer: Ad hoc. Recommendation: Create payments/ACH debits.
  • Answer: Automate. Recommendation: Create subscriptions. Subscriptions require a known frequency and amount. You can use plans to create subscriptions.

Question. Do you want to create payments/ACH debits programmatically or visually?

  • Answer: Visually. Recommendation. Use the dashboard options.
  • Answer: Programmatically. Recommendation: Use the API.

Question. In the dashboard, do you want to create one payment/ACH debit at a time, or do you want to create them in bulk?

  • Answer: One at a time. Recommendation: Use the simple payment creation form on the Customer page.
  • Answer: Bulk. Recommendation: Use the Import option to bulk import the transaction data in a CSV file.