NACH utility codes

The NACH utility code determines the merchant's name on the mandate and customer's bank statement. Merchant can use LotusPay's common utility code, or get their own and use it with LotusPay.

An NACH utility code is an alpha-numeric identifier that entitles an entity to participate in NACH payment systems. NPCI issues these codes to any entity that applies via its sponsor bank. Along with the utility code is a user name, which is always the entity's legal name.

  • Example NACH utility code: NACH00000000001234
  • Example NACH user name: XYZ SERVICES PVT LTD

The customer will see this name on their bank statement, along with a debit transaction reference number, and possibly other narration which varies from bank to bank.

The utility code holder is the legal beneficiary of the mandate.

To get started with LotusPay, you do not need to have your own NACH utility code. You benefit from LotusPay's deep integrations with the banking and NACH systems, and you would be using LotusPay's common aggregator utility code.

Merchants with higher volume may like to use their own utility code with LotusPay. Doing this will mean that the customer sees only your name on their bank statement.

To use your own utility code, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan. Contact us to learn more.