Importing external mandates

You can import NACH Debit mandates that were created outside of LotusPay. Doing so allows you to cancel the mandate, create payments or ACH debit transactions, and create subscriptions.

If you have created NACH Debit mandates (either physical mandates or eMandates) outside of LotusPay, you can import them into LotusPay. You can import mandates that were created with any of LotusPay's partner sponsor banks. You need to have an active NACH sponsor bank profile already set up in LotusPay. Get in touch with us to learn more.

You can do any of the following actions on the imported mandates:

  • Cancel the mandate
  • Create a payment or ACH debit
  • Create a subscription

You can import external mandates by one of two methods:

  1. API: The Import External Mandate API. See here for details.
  2. Bulk file: Through the LotusPay dashboard. Go to Mandates > Import External and follow the instructions on the page.